over 40 & fabulous

Thrive in perimenopause 

Sunday June 14 at 7 pm ACST

Being over 40, or 50 doesn't have to be a struggle!

Don't put up with fatigue, mood swings, poor sleep, bloating, foggy head, aches & pains, hot flushes or sweats, crazy periods, PMT/ PMS, low libido & weight gain.
During this live workshop you will -

  • Gain a clear understanding of what happens to your hormones over 40 and during Perimenopause and what you can do to get through it all while feeling your best!
  • Overcome the three major hormonal changes that take place after age 40 or during perimenopause and how to thrive in spite of it all!
  • Know what you need to do how to improve your mood, sleep & feel energised
  • Are you ready to THRIVE and balance your hormones naturally?
Join Kate Driver naturopath as she shares her holistic naturopathic tips she has used successfully on her clients for over 20 years.