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There are many women that thrive through perimenopause, symptom free and loving life!  I know .....because many of them are my clients!
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Perimenopause Power normally $97

$47 AUD

  • Your Plan for Thriving in Perimenopause

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You can have balanced hormones, loads of energy and be symptom free!

Does any of this sound familiar?  

You're getting new and strange symptoms you haven't had before and you are not sure to do about it  

You feel like you are on an emotional rollercoaster & your family stay away from you 

Energy and a good nights sleep seems to be something of the past  

You don't know where to start even though you have Googled for hours !  

Your blood tests are 'normal' and your Dr. is no help..... but you know something is wrong!
Your weight is creeping up and you haven't changed a thing!

I hear this all the time from my clients.   

You are not alone!  

Would you like to know a better way?

 Its time to get off the mood rollercoaster & live life feeling CALM & full of ENERGY

your perimenopause Suvival protocol includes

Hormones & testing

Learn about your hormones and what  tests to have, so you don't waste your time! 

Foods & Superfoods

Find out what to eat and what NOT to eat, its not about starving, but enjoying! 

Recipes & meal plans

Delicious recipes, meal plans and Shopping lists. Eating for hormones can be easy & tasty!

Supplements  & Essential oils

Herbs, nutrients and essential oils for feeling your best in perimenopause & beyond. 

eating for hormones mAsterclass

Your video masterclass on eating for hormones over 40. Learn  the secrets! 

 Seed cycling 

Seeds will nourish your hormones! Learn how to seed cycle with this easy cheat sheet & recipes

Hi, I am Kate Driver, a beach loving naturopath who is Passionate about Perimenopause !
I have been consulting as a naturopath since the year 2000, so when it comes to health, I know my stuff.
Not only have I managed and thrived through my own perimenopause & menopause naturally (without HRT or bio-identical hormones), I've helped thousands of clients do the same.  
Despite what others will tell you, you don't have to surrender to  the symptoms and instead you can bust through them naturally. 

Perimenopause Power normally $97

$47 AUD

  • Your Plan for Thriving in Perimenopause

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" Kate has a world of knowledge and is very passionate about our happy and healthy hormones. I’m on my journey now, creating a healthier life for myself and feel very much supported by Kate’s positive energy"