Its time to be PROACTIVE!
Stop putting up with feeling exhausted, achy, moody, unsexy, &
Perimenopause is the time to prioritise your health so you can sail through menopause ....

What if you could go back to a time in your life where you woke up feeling amazing?

What if you didn’t wake up feeling exhausted like your body is giving up on you?

It’s time to get back to being that strong, sexy, driven woman that you used to be!

  It is time to thrive as a woman, not just survive!

The transitional phases of your life shouldn’t be filled with stress, frustration, and the feeling that it’s all out of your hands. Instead of your hormones controlling your life, it’s time for you to get control of your hormones

Stabilise your mood, learn which kinds of food benefit your body, and get back to feeling like that confident, in control woman you once were 


    • Balanced hormones 
    • Balanced mood
    • Better sleep
    • Improved sex drive
    • Easy Weight Loss
    • Less Brain Fog
    • Glowing skin  & much more!

It’s time to commit to feeling better, healthier, and balanced!
Being a woman can be incredibly empowering when we have the tools at our fingertips

Imagine having recipes & meal plans at your fingertips, so you know exactly what you should (& shouldn't be) eating!
You will also have a step by step plan to feeling fabulous in no time!

Life doesn’t stop for any of us & it’s going to continue throwing curve balls at you. Instead of spending all your time reacting to it, it’s time to become proactive!

The OVER 40 & FABULOUS program is an opportunity to reinvent yourself. 
You don’t have to keep living on a hormonal roller coaster, and if you’re ready to get off the ride, I’m here to help!


I'm Kate Driver: a naturopath & women health's coach.  I am thriver through perimenopause & menopause!

I firmly believe this transformational program can help you live your best life ever, & I'm proof.
I had my own fair share of symptoms & I busted them naturally.
 I am feeling like I am 30 again!

I am a dedicated & caring naturopath with over 21 years of experience helping thousands of women like you!

Are YOU ready FEEL FABULOUS too?


Are you ready for everything to change?

Over 40 & Fabulous is your 8 week Personalised Program with loads of support !

Its a thorough deep dive into what is happening to your body & exactly how to ditch your symptoms that are holding you back so you can THRIVE through perimenopause, menopause & beyond!

Gain access to your step by step natural solutions online,  & 1 on 1 consultations with me so you have everything you need to thrive naturally!  

Every week you will have easily digestible content to follow, recipes, meal plans & cheat sheets. You have daily access to me and your 1 on 1 consultations.

What is included in the 
over 40 & fabulous program !


8 Modules to access for life so you can create balance & harmony with your whole life, including your hormones, weight, energy, sleep adrenals, thyroid & gut health


6 months of delectable clean eating recipes to support and balance your hormones. These are all gluten free. Omnivore and vegan. 

Meal Plans & Shopping Lists

6 months of suggested meals & fortnightly shopping list, so the guess work is done for you


Videos, cheat sheets and handouts to make it easy to follow day to day and you can easily put into practise!

1 on 1 Private Sessions

2 private 1 on 1 consultations with Kate. You will receive your own personalised plan to follow at each consultation with recommendations just for you.




Email support - ask Kate questions if you are stuck. Get feedback & support in between your consultations.


Your 29 page perimenopause survival guide . All you need to know at your fingertips as as easy to follow guide

pRIVATE Community

Ask your questions and share with like-minded people, and with Kate

Bonuses Valued At $997


Pay in full

$997 AUD

  • Over 40 & Fabulous 8 Week Program

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Payment Plan

3 payments of

$350 AUD

per month

  • Over 40 and Fabulous 8 Week Program

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Hormones & testing 

Learn about your hormones and what they do over 40!
What you need to know about hormone testing & what you should test for when you are over 40. Become proactive & informed !


Eating for hormones over 40

A deep dive into  the foods that nourish your hormones all the foods and recipes. Learn what you should be eating every day . Get your 6 month of meal plans and recipes & feel nourished every day

The Gut & Hormone Connection

Your gut & digestive  health have a HUGE influence on your hormones. Know what you must be doing to balance hormones eliminate bloating, constipation, reflux, IBS &  more.


Hormones & Detox 

Many symptoms are due to toxin overload. Learn about the hormone disruptors you must avoid & how to detox safely & to feel healthier & more vitality! Ditch extra kilos too

Energy & Adrenals

Why your energy drops & what you can do to have the best energy of your life! Nourish your nervous system & adrenals for a calm mood & wonderful sleep! Feel energised & able to tackle lifes stresses!

Weight & Thyroid

How do you ditch that weight or avoid the middle aged spread? Get your weight & immune health under control. Thyroid issues are common in women over 40 ! Boost that metabolism, lose extra kilos & gain the energy you need!
, .

MODULE 7 Supplements,  Superfoods & Sleep

What supplements and superfoods should you take for your particular symptoms? This is your guide you can sue as your toolbox! More about sleep, how to sleep soundly & get loads more !

Kick ageing in the butt! 

Ageing is inevitable but you can slow it down, easily & naturally
Learn how to look &  feel great until the day you leave this planet. A summary of thriving in
perimenopause & beyond!

If you follow this program you can achieve:
More energy
Better sleep
Weight loss / balance 
Clearer softer skin
Less or no cravings
No hot flushes
Better digestion  
A feeling of calm & focus
More enthusiasm & joy
Better libido
Feeling super prepared to tackle life 
and much more !

What women are saying about this program 

"Thank you Kate!!
Prior to starting the Over 40 and fabulous program, I was suffering all kinds of hormonal issues! Hot flushes being the worst…and when I say hot, I mean HOT!! I was a hot n sweaty mess. A few visits to Kate, switching up things in my diet and taking a few recommended supplements and things started to rapidly change.
By the end of the program my hot flushes were a distant memory!!
Ladies, if you are putting up with any type of hormonal issues my recommendation is to join Kate’s program.
It’s chock a block full of interesting information, set out in a way that is easy to digest and follow.
Kate is super easy to talk to and knows her stuff. She will guide you through the program and is always there to any questions"


"I recently did Kate's program because I am heading into 'that age' where hormones can be a problem, and I've also had some issues with hormonal acne and headaches. I was blown away with all the information we have at our fingertips when doing the program. Kate is always there to answer questions and support us throughout. I've found that after following just some of Kate's recommendations I am feeling much better. My headaches and skin have most definitely improved. I'm continuing to add more of the recommendations and I am sure my health and symptoms will only improve! Thanks Kate!
If you're feeling like you might need a bit of support to navigate your health and hormones, definitely do Kate's program, your body will thank you!"


"Dear Kate, I want to thank you so much for your excellent program. It has given me a toolkit for a happier healthier me as I head into menopause & beyond. Each change I make I see improvement. My body is less achy & inflamed & bloated. I don’t have the debilitating hot flushes & mood swings & am I not a slave to my cravings. With thanks Sophie"  

"Kate has a world of knowledge and is very passionate about our happy and healthy hormones! I’ve learned so much and am still processing all the information we have been given. I’m on my journey now, creating a healthier life for myself and feel very much supported by Kate’s positive energy."



Pay in full

$997 AUD

  • Over 40 & Fabulous 8 Week Program

Yes I need this now

Payment Plan

3 payments of

$350 AUD

per month

  • Over 40 and Fabulous 8 Week Program

Yes I need this now

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Once you sign up you will receive your own login details to the online program.
Group calls are held online on Zoom and consultations can be in clinic or online.  

You will need a half an hour each week to watch videos and then then its up to you how much time you spend making important changes in your life, it will be individual for each woman. 

It suggested to book them as soon as possible and to get the time that is best for you.
For best results book your first one straight away and then the second one Kate will guide you when the second consult is needed. 
Kate is very flexible and can accommodate all time zones. 

Very likely, as your symptoms are due to imbalances and nutritional deficiencies. Kate will guide you and work with you personally so you know what you should (and shouldn't ) be taking. 

Yes, even though you will see changes in the first few weeks, your hormones need longer to get back into balance. Your gut health, adrenals and thyroid can take some time and I have found 8 weeks to be the minimum time to gain long term benefits. 


If you would like to chat with Kate, then book your call here